Our Teachers

photo Brooke Chabot

Brooke Chabot

M.A.  Education Mills College,  CA teaching credential. 

Brooke has been making music all her life: singing, playing and dancing in her childhood home; singing and playing guitar in musical duos and solo performances; and exploring movement, song, and instrument play whenever possible. She has been a Music Together® mom since 2008 and a Music Together teacher and director since 2012.  In addition to her teaching work, Brooke plays in the Gypsy-Rock band, Calling Ophelia.  

photo Liesbeth Melis

Liesbeth Melis - bio


Music always has been part of Liesbeth’s life. Growing up, there was a lot of singing and music making going on at home. Whenever there was a performance – with or without music - in school, at girl scouts or just at home, Liesbeth was part of it. On her musical journey, Liesbeth has had lots of formal learning opportunities (theory, cello, singing) as well as wonderful informal musical moments that have enriched her musical skills as well as her love for music. Liesbeth has also sung for more than 10 years in semi-professional choirs and participated in musical theatre productions. 


Liesbeth was born and raised in Belgium. After arriving in the U.S. in 2012 with her husband and a 3-month old baby, Liesbeth went from working full-time as a language teacher to being a stay at home mom. She joined the Las Madres mom’s group and started hosting weekly musical play dates for the play groups her daughters, Emma and Marie, belong to.  


When she felt it was time to re-enter professional life in 2015, she was looking for a job that combines her passion for teaching with the love for making music. Following the Music Together Teacher Training, felt like coming home. Liesbeth loves how Music Together brings the people the kids learn the most from (parents, grand parents, caregivers...) together to experience music in a fun, stimulating and musically rich way. This opens doors to a lifetime of music making. Let’s sparkle this passion in your kid’s life and make Music Together!